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A big happy family of Folk Dance Ensemble "Sibirskye Uzory" ("Siberian Patterns") for over 17 years professionally develops the art of folk dancing. It provides given beautiful art to the future of Russia - children and youth. Children - the basis of the team, its actors and dancers. During the time, several dancing groups went from 4 to 23 years and achieved a recognized professional and international level of dance art. Several years ago the Ensemble is achieved an honorary professional title - An Exemplary Team.

Dance repertoire includes many national folk dances - from the North and East of Russia and to the South of Western Europe. Each dance has a unique folk choreography, costumes, musics and legend. All performances are invented and implemented by the art manager Irina Ovechkina in cooperation with the master-tutor of senior and middle groups - Vsevolod Shkarovskiy. Additionally, the choreographers from another cities of Russia are invited for implementation of some performances. The art and teaching activity is a daily work for choreographers, teachers and accompanists of the Ensemble.

The Ensemble does a regular concerts in his home city of Novosibirsk, and is actively involved in regional, national and international competitions and festivals. It is being delegated soemtimes to the festivals on behalf of the Novosibirsk region, as well as on behalf of the Russian Federation for the Delphic Games. It has toured 8 European and Asian countries, 29 cities (including 13 ones outside Russia), 10 regions of Russia.

The long-term development path of the Ensemble, his achievements, the wideness of repertoire, countless travels and participations in the contests became possible as result of support of Parents of the Ensemble - for many years they finance the far majority of these activities, both directly and in the form of personal time and non-financial assets. Parents - important part of the big family of the Ensemble.

Young dancers and their teachers are proud of the many Grand Prix, prizes and cups won in the hard competitions. Every trophy are cost thousands of hours of professional training for each participant, and, sometimes, leads serious personal decisions of the life.

Doors of the team  are open for new children and their parents! Life in the Ensemble - intense, sportsfull, hard, full of strict limitations, very interesting - a serious hobby for many years. It's an education, aquiring the profession.