Young dancers

The activity of organization is dedicated to the work with children and youth. "Sibirskye Uzory" ("Siberian Patterns") - first of all is a professional educational organization of art for children.

Today about 200 children aged 3 to 18, participate in the ensemble. For years more than two hundred children came into the team, and dozens of children have passed from 4-8 years old to 18 years old and have reached a high, often professional, level of dance skills, gaining valuable experience and the additional profession.

Four levels of age groups are involved in the "Sibirskye Uzory" - senior, middle, junior and preliminary. Groups are closely related to each other, participate in joint performances. Younger students look for seniors, the good traditions migrate from generation to generation. There is the spirit of unity and a serious attitude to education from an early age. Children are proud of their ensemble.

The youngest children as from 3 old have lessons in number of groups of beginner level education under supervision of Elisaveta Shkarovskaya.

Preliminary groupPreliminary group
Preliminary group

There are future stars of the ensemble. Coming into the team at the age of 3-6 years old, after a few months of training guys feel themselves as a really serious dancers, the part of a big happy family.

Intensive training - it is also a real sport, the children and their parents soon realize - here they found both an art and a healthy lifestyle for children.

The group is designed to prepare children physically and teach them the basics of dancing instruments with which they can continue their education in the younger group and perform at competitions and concerts.

Babies-dancers are sometimes involved as young dancers and costumed characters in performances on joint concerts.

Younger groupYounger group
Younger group

Young dancers are already fully performing in competitions, festivals and holiday concerts. Starting with the youngest group, children are in more complex, in-depth and intensive training.

Some performances require the participation of the younger group of children with the children of the middle group, boys of younger groups participate in some of the performances of the middle group.

Intensive dance lessons and already grafted serious attitude towards dance classes help children to stay in school, where they take their first steps. School teachers know for longtime that the children of "Sibirskye Uzory" have good diligence.

In rare cases, children can come into the team at the age of the younger group and to be allowed to enter on the basis of individual testing.

Middle groupMiddle group
Middle group

Experienced dancers in this group have already gone through several years of training, a lot of competitions and concerts.

In the middle group children learn "aerobatics" of dance art. After a few years they will be in the older group - the leading troup of the ensemble.

Senior groupSenior group
Senior group

The main troup of the collective, guys and girls carry on their shoulders all the hardships and joys of numerous competitions, of travels around the country and abroad.

The skill level of the dancers of the group is largely professional and sometimes surpasses adult dance troupes of folk art.

Many annual Grand Prix and victories in the international and Russian competitions is a confirmation of the highest level of the collective - it is specifically achieved by senior team of the ensemble.

It is also the final step for graduates of Folk Dance Ensemble "Sibirskye Uzory". After graduating and obtaining official documents on education, young people often continue to visit the ensemble to practicise dancing. Some of them remain in the collective and are already beginning the adult career in the team of teachers. There are graduates of ensemble who have opened own art school of dances for small children.