Masters and supporters

For many years the small mighty team of enthusiastic professionals teaches children and young people the art of dance every day seven days a week. Each of the four age-based troups are in the unique needs of the approach, repertoire, physical and psychological development. Full cycle of production of each dance - from the idea, the legend, the music, the costumes and until the stage of realization by the bright young students - is on the shoulders of Irina Ovechkina, the Art Director and Founder of the ensemble «Sibirskye Uzory» («Siberian Patterns»).

The nonstop daily operations of the organization, the safe storage and the perfect conditions for hundreds of costumes and props elements, interaction with friends of ensemble and external relations are ensured by modest assistants - staff and volunteers, who became in the team being parents of the young artists.

The Home house of the ensemble - Cultural Monument, the House of Creation for Children managed by Vagner Olga Nikolaevna - provides in a unique manner an excellent conditions for work, traning halls, rooms and equipped stage for performances.

Ovechkina Irina Anatolyevna

Honorary Worker of General Education of Russian Federation.
Teacher of the highest qualification category.
Laureate of the Government's Award of the Russian Federation.

Founder and Art Director of the ensemble «Sibirskye Uzory».
Master. Choreographer. Producer. Director.

" ... In our ensemble, I believe, we have most talanted, active and beautiful children of Novosibirsk. I would like to wish for everybody in our great team a further great victories, good luck and prosperity ..."

Shkarovskiy Vsevolod Nikolaevich

Teacher of the highest qualification category.

Master of the all groups of the ensemble «Sibirskye Uzory».
A graduate of the ensemble.

" ... I have joined the ensemble at 1995 as one of the first students ... Now I would like to wish for all of us the creative and professional development and prosperity. We should grow further. We known with Irina Anatolyevna which way and how we can do it. We known our challenges for hard work. I expect to see our team growing with new children ... "

Berdnikova Anastasiya Alexandrovna

Master-tutor of preliminary classes of the ensemble «Sibirskye Uzory».
A graduate of the ensemble.

" ... The ensemble for me is a big part of my life. When a was a little girl, I seen in my dreams how I walk in the dance classroom between of children, explain what and how they need to do ... Indeed, sometime the dream comes true! "

Shkarovskaya Elisaveta Andreevna

Master-tutor of young and preliminary classes of the ensemble «Sibirskye Uzory».
A graduate of the ensemble.

" «Sibirskye Uzory» - a big family where we try to pay individual attention for each child. Our lessons for little children are concentrated to the physical development of the body, as a primary goal. As result of regular exercises they get a strong and dynamic body, develop new level of forces and agility which are demanded for further serious dancing exercises ... "

Goncharova Yuliya

Master of classic dance.
Soloist of Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Voronuk Milan

Master of classic dance.
Soloist of Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Shatilov Sergey Vladimirovich


" Working with children - is a complex and interesting process. And when we talk about students of «Sibirskye Uzory», it's not only about providing all the knowledge, but also to continuously develop myself. My task - to carry out the musical process in the team. A great reward for this work is to see how the children act brilliantly on the contests and concert venues in Russia and abroad ... "

Nidziy Alexey Nikolaevich


Varnavskih Konstantin